Tupolev TU-144

TU-144This section shows different information and details about the TU-144. Here there are images and other data that show us more than like it was this formidable airplane of passengers.

18389 BytesThe TU-144 an airplane of passengers that was presented in several air shows were. Unfortunately this was also the principle of the end. A TU-144 in Le Bourget exploid when competed with the Concorde for the market of the supersonic airplane of passengers.

 14241 BytesThe four motors Kuznetsov was much more powerful that Anglo-French those of the Concorde, in different evolutions they ended up having up to 75.000 pounds of push

0012.jpg - 15899 Bytes 0010.jpg - 14695 Bytes

Detail of the wings and the 4 nozzles of the airplane. The making of the wings for the Russian engineers causes a series of problems in the airplane that were compensated by the use of the characteristic canards that uses the TU-144 today in day..

0011.jpg - 15339 BytesThe canards of the TU-144 were a success on the part of the team Tupolev. They largely replaced the deficiencies of the design of the wings of the airplane. Thanks to them the TU-144 can take off in very much less space than the Concorde and in speed subsonica has a better behavior

0017.jpg - 21647 BytesThe train of landing of the Tupolev 144 hid among the motors of the airplane. In this drawing the stranger mechanism is explained that the Russian engineers designed. In total the TU-144 used 18 tires.

0018.jpg - 23666 BytesIn the transport of passengers the TU-144 don't last a lot of time. It began in 1977 and the following year it was taken out of service to recapture the flights of passengers in 1981. As you speculates the airplane during 1978 and 1980 it was used for military ends.

0031.jpg - 33342 BytesThe TU-144 when prepares to takeoff or to land low their nose so that the company has a more expedite view of the hint. Once in the sky the nose is taken up to allow the supersonic flight.

0006.jpg - 11959 BytesInterior of the TU-144. Aeroflot was the only one it lines air that has counted with the services of the TU-144. The airplane can transport 30% more than passengers that its rival the Concorde. These airplanes have never been very comfortable completely the reduced space makes them since appear as flying submarines. Although all this is compensated by the supersonic flight of the apparatus.

0016.jpg - 21530 Bytes 0016.jpg - 21530 Bytes 0016.jpg - 21530 Bytes

Spectacular photographic sequence of the accident of the TU-144 in the air show of Le Bourget in happened Paris June 3 1973. The -1G that I carry out the airplane are a maneuver that the airplanes of passengers are not habituated, this end up destroying the structure of the airplane and cause their later explosion.

0015.jpg - 18634 Bytes

0005.gif - 9914 Bytes

Different planes of the Tupolev 144. Many variations on the construction of the airplane were planned by the Russian engineers. In the first one it is seen that the motors would be placed in the center of the airship.

0013.jpg - 16093 Bytes

A scale model of the TU-144. When the Russian presented the first scale models of the airplane called the attention their great resemblance to the Concorde project.

0037.jpg - 45192 Bytes

It photographs that it shows a part the corresponding cockpit of the engineer of flight of the TU-144

Cabina del avión Cabina del avión
Cabina del avión Cabina del avión

Cockpit of the Tupolev 144. In these pictures you can appreciate the typical design of the cockpit of a Russian airplane of passengers and their characteristic color. These pictures were taken of an airplane that today is in an aeronautical museum of Russia in the outskirts of Moscow.

T-0055.jpg - 24333 Bytes Cabina Cabina

Interior of the cockpit of a TU-144 that it is in operation. The booth of this airplane is very much simpler than that of its rival the Concorde.

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