The future of the TU-144

0028.jpg - 29535 Bytes The TU-144 it looks for a new future. The NASA together with Russia plans a new type of passengers' supersonic airplane. A new project that one has in mind it is a supersonic airplane with capacity for 300 passengers flying to Mach 2. In Europe already you this thinking of an alternate of the Concorde although due to the accident of the 27 of Julio the 2000 their future is even more somber than that of the TU-144.

The TU-144 that it was now in a lethargy during many years have the first option to be the winner in the market of the supersonic flight of passengers. The TU-144 were always an early airplane to their time, their perfomance was very superior to its rival the Concord. Although a lot it has been written now on the airplane and their fall the presage they cannot be more optimistic. Russia has confirmed that it will continue ahead with its project of a new one TU-144 acquaintance as TU- - 244 and that it will be the modern version of the first supersonic airplane of passengers of the world.

The NASA has revived the I finish TU-144 that it was built in 1981. This alone airplane had 87 hours of flight for what is in very good conservation state. Together with the group Tupolev is making a series of tests in the airplane. The other one interested in this project is the group Boeing that even ambitions a supersonic transport of passengers from the times that the Congress North American refused to give more funds for the North American project of the TSS.

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With the back of the NASA the TU-144 head to a good future. Again the TU-144 put on in the mat of the world aviation. It is interesting to know that the project this much more ones advancing that an alternate of the Concorde. For that? Perhaps in France and England a new TSS after the failure of the Concorde is not very auspicioso. Rather Europe this thinking of a new model of Airbus with 1000 passengers' capacity instead of supersonic flights.

But why is needed the TU-144 in a world of digital airplanes and of increase of the airships of passengers? The factor time is a restrictive one more and more important in the world of the commercial airplanes. A Boeing 777 don't go beyond the 900 Km/H. Imagines the 2500 Km/h of the TU-144 and their new version, the TU-244 with 300 passengers' capacity and a superior autonomy to the 7000 Kms. it is an ideal airplane for the crossing of the unsuspected market of the Pacific

TU-144 LL TU-144 LL

A trip of the new one TU-144 from Japan or Hong - Kong to United States can be made in some how many hours with a single detention in Hawai. Because the Asian southeast is one of the most promising markets in the world the idea that it is the TU-144 the airplane dedicated to win this market in the world of the business doesn't sound an impossible idea. Another interesting sector is that of the Asian dragons or the new economies that have been developed in Asia. The TU-144 can be the point of union between their markets and the rest of the world. It doesn't sound so bad for an airplane that gave it to him for dead in 1973.

The TU-144 in two trips can almost take the same capacity of passengers that the one that takes an Concorde in three flights. In fact has all those of winning as for speed, autonomy and capacity. The speed is obviously very important in the demanding market of the aviation, it is also since it that of the autonomy has to make less detentions and with this time is saved. Their great virtue is its capacity of 140 passengers. And it will be it much more with the new one TU-244 and their transport of 300 passengers.

TU-144 LL TU-144 LL

It exists a possibility that the airline TWA this resolved one to fly with the TU-144. The cooperation Russian-North American can open unsuspected horizons. The support of the NASA and of Boeing to the new project of substitution of the TU-144 more the cooperation of Tupolev is a very good indication that something good it will leave. With the development of new technologies in reduction of noise, new innovations as regards security the TU-144 it can leave airy in the world avición. In the future they will have to be replaced a great one I number of passengers' airplanes. The market of the TU-244 leave very auspicioso, is wait question and for lack of a rival this time the supersonic airplane of passengers from Russia finally can triumph

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